Blue Apron

Chicken Fried Chicken with baked sweet potatoes and collared greens

This was my first time ever ordering from Blue Apron. My friend from California sent me a link for a first time free meals. I think I got four in the mail Friday and I decided to make the chicken first. The recipe was easy to follow! I loved that it came on a large yardstick instead of a small index card. I must say I was nervous to try the collared greens with it but they were mighty tasty! I [[so far]] highly recommend this company. The food came fresh and still cold. The packaging made things easier as well. I can wait to try the next recipe tonight if I have the energy!

My anxiety and depression has been wearing me down the last few days as well as dealing with insomnia. Last night I maybe slept for two hours. My kids are my inspiration though. Even when I feel like laying in bed all day they are the ones that get me up and get me going…even if all I want to wear is pjs. They don’t care how I look they just want me to be active with them. Seeing those smiling faces gives any mom or any person purpose to prove people wrong who are cheering for their failure and to prove yourself wrong.

Keep your head up everyone. I know its not easy but its whats best for you! I wish it didn’t take me so long to figure it out. Im not perfect and I still have my days where I don’t want keep my head up, days where I feel like giving up BUT I can’t because this would be a bad example for my kids. We all have demons and struggles but we can’t let those define us. Every one has secrets and everyone has a past they aren’t proud of. How you overcome them is what matters.

If you need to talk I am here!

I would love to start a support group in my town but I am not sure how to go about it. I find it nice when you can relate with someone and they don’t judge you, they understand and know its a long road!

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