Blue Apron 3

Dukkah-Spiced Cod with warm beet, carrot and Arugula salad.

I will be completely honest the dish looked picture perfect and beautiful but I didn’t try the cod. I was turned off by the cod. I did try a taste of the salad and it was ok but I just ate the carrots! I will never order this one again! I did have someone else try it and they loved the cod but they didn’t care for the salad. As I was cooking the beets I ended up throwing them out. They smelt awful and I knew I wouldn’t try any part of it if the beets were in it.

I will be trying three more probably later this month so if you have been thinking about trying a company like this I recommend Blue Apron! You get a a lot of food for your money and the dishes look perfect! I think its also therapeutic to cook! I love cooking but am one of the worst cooks. It’s not that the food is bad but I always want pasta or Mexican so Blue Apron is stepping outside my comfort zone and letting me explore new dishes that I can easily make! That’s also why I love Blue Apron. I love the large recipe cards they send so that you can keep them!

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