This dog is not just a dog she is one of my very best friends. I have never bonded with an animal that my family owned like I have with her. If I am stressed or feel the weight on my shoulders we go for a run. If I am upset she knows and will cuddle with me. Jaci loves our kids even though they don’t understand how much energy she has. Jaci has an outside kennel that she gets to be in all day when I am not home but it is almost impossible to bring her in some nights because all she wants to do is be outside.

Its really amazing that when you come home this girl lights you up. Jaci is so loving and affectionate. I saw her on petfinder.com and I knew that it was meant to be. Jaci was at a shelter all the way in Iowa which was four hours away from me. I called them and they told me she already had an application on her but the lady and I kept talking and she told me to come meet Jaci. The whole way I was thinking about her and how I couldn’t wait to meet her!

On the way there my GPS took me a completely different way down a bunch of dirt and gravel roads. As I was about ten miles from the shelter I saw something black in the road that I assumed was a trash bag or some kind of garbage. However, when I passed it the object didn’t fly away like garbage usually does so I stopped my car and backed up and it was a kitten. The kitten was shivering and soaked, it was raining, I picked the kitten up and put it on the floor board and blasted the heat. When I got to the shelter I was hoping they could take the kitten. I walked in and told them I was there to pick up “Mishka,” now known as Jaci BUT that I had a kitten I found on my way and was maybe eight weeks. I had no idea. They had someone come out to my car and look at the kitten and the gladly took her in. They told me she was pretty young and as soon as they took her to the back she was eating. I was relieved. They asked where I had found the kitten and I told them the road name (which I don;t remember now) and they said they had never heard of it before and that my GPS shouldn’t have taken me that way. I knew that moment it was all meant to be and I started to relax. I met “Mishka” we got our picture taken and left. Ever since I have the best dog. I don’t know what I will do whenever it is her time to go. She is irreplaceable.

Do you have an furbaby that is therapeutic to you? Tell me about them and why they are so special!

Please check out where I rescued Jaci from below!


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