So last night I saw Nonpoint, Mindset Evolution and Disturbed! It was better then I thought it was going to be! Some guy let us cut in line so we were able to run, as soon as they opened the doors, and get right up front! Our view was amazing and perfect! We caught three guitar picks and ALMOST caught a drum stick but I wasn’t tall enough! Great concert!

At one point of the concert Erich Awalt (who is the lead singer of Disturbed) said “Don’t you feel more alive since coming in here,” Don’t you feel stronger?”, which he was saying to basically introduce the next song but that really hit me because to me music is therapy for me and that is how I feel listening to music. I feel stronger then I did before listening to a song, I feel on top of the world, and I do feel more alive. All the stress, anxiety, or whatever I am thinking goes away for the few minutes I am listening to a song. After a song is over I am more calm and relaxed!20160426_214956.jpgI was lucky enough to go with a good friend which made the night even better! At one point I had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t hold it any more and it was like fighting through an army to get back up front!20160426_215724.jpg

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the night! This again is Disturbed! I loved all the work the band put into their set! We were close enough to feel a lot of heat coming off of the stage from the fire!

I like a little bit of Country and Rock. I am hoping to be able to go see Five Finger Death Punch in June in Iowa! By far though this was one of the best concert’s I have been too!

The lead singer even brought a little girl who was only eleven named Daniel onto the stage since she gave him a letter and read parts of it and gave her drum sticks! It is great that bands interact with their fans. I think I fell in love with this band even more when they let that little girl get on stage. Also Mindset and Nonpoint even went to the handicap area and gave guitar picks to those they knew probably wouldn’t be able to reach the one’s they were throwing out.  I wish they would have done a meet and greet as that would have topped the night off. My ears were definitely ringing for a couple hours after the concert but it was worth it!


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