My Perfect Saturday

Today my kids and I went to a Mother’s Day make and take! It was at a place called Sangamon Reclaimed and it was fantastic! We had such a good experience. We made pots and put plants in them and my kids pitched in together to make me this for our dining room table! Seriously I am so blessed! 20160430_122854-1.jpg

The clear mason jars we are going to put flowers in! We haven’t picked out what kind of flowers yet! I also went ahead and had my oldest (my step son) make something for his mom too! I thought this would be good for him and that she’d love the hand made gift!

Even though we don’t get along and she refuses to talk to me, work together and ect, I still do things like this because I want to be a good role model for my kids. I want to still try because that is the type of person I am. His mother may not want to get along but there’s still no reason to have my son not do things for her on our time. I know it is hard but we all must still be the bigger person. Kids don’t understand why there is fighting. I thought to myself maybe his mom wanted to take him to this event but couldn’t because it was our weekend…well now at least she has a hand made gift from her son now from this place that hopefully she will cherish.

Tonight we are making taco pizza, which will be a first, anything taco my oldest is obsessed with. We are then going to make a huge fort and watch some movies we just got!

I am able to do all this and still make money because of It Works. I hope one day this will get to be enough that it helps with my constant anxiety and over worrying. This weekend has only started and we have spent so much money BUT my goal for this year was to spend more money on experiences as life is too short and SO FAR I have done this very well. I still hate swiping my card but when that moment comes my anxiety and over worrying is not near as bad as it used to be. I think Therapy definitely has helped me with this.

At the end of the day I know I am super blessed and GOD really is looking out for me! Tomorrow I am taking the kiddos to a new church in hopes that they can build some new friendships and we can have a great place to go to on Sunday mornings together!

Keep your head up warriors!

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