This year my new years resolution was to get healthier, my mind more focused, learn how to cope, and spend more money on experiences rather then material items. This summer we have made a lot of plans with family and friends. Life is too short and you cant take your money with you and you only get to live this life once! You only get the memories and times with your children once before they are all grown!

I also made a bucket list for this summer! I can not wait to see how much I am able to cross off!

This summer we have plans for a Florida trip for our first ever family vacation as well as a trip to Wisconsin to see my parents and grandparents! I am hoping this will be a summer to remember. The kids will be grown soon and I want them to have memories to last a lifetime!

I also am not just blowing my money. I have opened up a retirement account, and paid off two more credit cards as of the first! Then our Harley will be paid off in less then a month! It is hard work but in the end I know all the struggles will be worth it! Sometime I have panic attacks because I think I try to do so much with one check and when I can’t pay off everything I want to I start to panic or have an anxiety attack. I used to be way worse and check credit karma every day which was silly because it only updates once a week. I have stopped and only check it once a week maybe twice. The last few days my anxiety has been higher because I just got paid and its already gone! I try to think of the positives and what is ahead or in my future but its not always easy!

What are your summer plans? Do you feel like paying off debt helps your depression? Check out my Bucket list for the summer and show me yours!

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