My Ex-Step Mom but still a Mom to me ♡

I think you were a huge factor that opened my eyes to realizing family is not always blood. You used to be married to my biological father and even though things didn’t work out you still never left my side. I don’t know if I can ever thank you for that. I may not have appreciated it then as much as I do now but I can’t thank you enough. I had so many people who I thought loved me come in and out of my life from the time I was born. You never left my side. You never had a reason to stay. I mean you weren’t my birth mother and you were no longer committed to my biological father but still you were there. It’s amazing how much you cared to never let go, never stop showing you cared and always being a phone call away.

We may be distances apart but you still are a phone call away. Your always there to support me and encourage me. You had faith in me when I had none in myself. You believed in me when I saw nothing but failure. You did this all out of love. You were never obligated to be apart of my life but you were there and your still here. It amazes me that I was blessed to have you as a part of my life. I can call you and talk about anything and you never judge me, you always give me the best advice, you always listen and always try to help me see other views or aspects of the situation. My biological father was not deserving of you! You are such an amazing person and I am so so happy you have a happy marriage. You deserve nothing but the best. You may have not given birth to me or physically been in my life BUT you were always a phone call away. I again can not thank you enough!

You are one of the people in my life who has shed light on being a step mom. Your a role model for me. I have learned and know your the kind of step mom I want to be for my son. You never tried to replace my biological mom but you were still a mother for me. When I needed you, you were there!

I love you Gynette and I am truly BLESSED I have you in my life. I am glad this year we have grown closer and I hope we continue to grow closer. I hope to see you soon but I know that isn’t easy. Just know your appreciated, loved and your my mother as well! Your a friend and a role model to me! Thank you for never leaving my side. Thank you for listening to me especially this passed year. I never appreciated you being in my life as I was more concerned with the people in and out of my life, the people leaving and never coming back or the people who only hurting me. I look back and regret never thanking you or appreciating you never walking out of my life.

Thank you & I love you!

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