A Great Weekend!

Mind the creeper in the back window…that’s just my husband! So this weekend of course nothing went as planned but what does when you’re a family of five. First, we woke up Saturday and all were lazy and didn’t venture out to go garage saying! We got ready for pictures and met our photographer and of course everyone was in a good mood until we were walking up to our photographer and our oldest accidentally knocked over his baby sister hitting her head so hard on the concrete we all heard a huge thud! My heart sank but thank goodness GOD was looking out because she didn’t bust her head open or even have a bump! The boys were semi good for pictures but our daughter didn’t want us to out her down or leave her so she could get photos with her brother. We did get some good pictures but it is never easy with my kids and my husband doesn’t help at all! The kids are so stoked that their surprise is DISNEY this SUMMER! I have never been either so I am just as excited to share and make memories with the kiddos! Afterwards we went and ate lunch and then went to the store and shopped for Connor’s friends birthday present! We finished off Saturday by having dad build the boys each of their own fort which was pretty awesome! We also watched movies and played some games!13177416_1192915700740789_2588518233701851254_n.jpg

Today, which is Sunday, we went to the new church I found and overall I feel like it was a success! We played games and the kids had fun playing with new friends. I could’t go to actual service because the boys were so shy but it was great to still spend time with the boys. Claire cried a bit but then loved her class! I am glad and excited to continue to going and get more involved with this new church! Later today, Hunter and I are going to a Paw Patrol event! Until tomorrow ya’ll!


Connor listening to today’s story!


Just got done dancing and now playing another game!

Thank you for being apart of my life and reading through my journey!

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