Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was absolutely crazy! I had time to blog but I was so exhausted and I didn’t want to miss anything in my blog!

So Friday I convinced my husband although his intentions were sweet to go to a fancy restaurant that just isn’t us! We are not fancy people. We are sit around the bonfire and eat BBQ kind of people! So we ended up canceling our reservation to “The Connection” restaurant that we had for Saturday! Friday was a pretty laid back night! We ordered food from a local bar and it was yummy! We played with our daughter then we were both out by 9pm!

Saturday we spent the morning garage hitting sales with my mother in law and daughter.13241336_1197886673577025_2385457947482076094_n.jpg

We then all tried this new place called “Pizza Ranch” and the ice cream was to die for! I did good and stuck the the ONLY healthy food they had! After this we dropped off my mother in law and daughter and spent some much needed one on one time together! We went to Hall’s and then took the bike out for the FIRST time ever since we have owned it which will be a year! I have never been on that bike until Saturday! This is only because we rarely ever have the house just us where the weather is also nice to take the bike out together! We decide to ride the bike out to White Hall to see some friends and eat dinner. We played “Cards against Humanity” for the first time! We had a good time relaxing and spending time with good people! I also, got amazing news Saturday but I can not share it yet! Keep reading as I will shout it out as soon as I can! About halfway home, I told my husband next year we are getting a bigger bike as my butt was numb haha! When we got home we flopped in bed and that was it! So much better then playing fancy!

Sunday we woke up and cleaned our home then went to breakfast! Afterwards, I had a huge surprise for my husband and it was something he had been wanting to do for a long time! I took him to this place called “The Angel’s Nest” to a medium named Damon and had a reading done. We were there from 11:00 am until 1:40 pm. As soon as we sat down my husband’s dad was the main focus (which is what I was hoping for) my husband became very emotional and seeing him that way made me emotional. It was what my husband had needed for so long. Damon had told my husband things he wouldn’t have known unless he knew his dad. It was a very emotional almost three hours and I am glad we experienced it for the first time together. Damon knew about my miscarriage, about both my aunts that had passed away and knew exactly how the passed away. Damon told my husband certain ways to know his dad was with him and my husband had mentioned he already experienced those things. Damon also  It was truly a great experience and I will spread the word about this man and this company he shares with a woman named Patty, who is also a medium. I hope more people at least give them a try. I was really glad my husband’s family came through. I really wanted to hear from my Grandpa but I will keep going back. After this we went to pick up our daughter then home to BBQ again! Then spent time together until about 9 pm again!

I also picked up a journal for my workouts! Follow me to see my progress!13241336_1197886673577025_2385457947482076094_n.jpg

Please check out “The Angel’s Nest,” and like their page. If you are in the area make an appointment. I promise you will not be disappointed! This is something I can now cross off my bucket list for sure!

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