Fresh Fuel

This is not a paid review. I am simply trying to help spread the word of an amazing company that is locally owned and I want to see thrive! I have been hooked since day one! Everything on the menu is delicious! They even do giveaways! My favorite though is the Strawberry Slam! Oh my goodness I could drink that 5x a day! Seriously the best smoothie ever. Fresh Fuel has ruined at home smoothies for me because mine are never as good! The strawberry Slam has sun drenched Strawberries upon Strawberries upon Strawberries and some bananas! I also always add in energizer and fat burn. Each time I get a smoothie I feel so much better. My mood is better and I have more energy! They have smoothies for energy, low glycemic, power and growth, trim and low, veggie AND even kid’s!  Fresh Fuel even has energy drinks that you wont find at stores, and other healthy foods; which I like for on the go. Fresh Fuel has an amazing app —>go download it<— which if you use it for each purchase then your 11th drink is FREE. Fresh Fuel even offers delivery, has health tips and Nutrition information on their app! If I wasn’t saving for a Disney trip I would be there at minimum two times a day. The service is also great, I can not say enough good things about the owner. You will never have a bad experience here! Fellow locals please help spread the word about this amazing and locally owned company! Lets help support Fresh Fuel! No store offers as great of smoothies as Fresh Fuel! It is so nice to have a healthy option now in town! Please try them I promise you will not be disappointed!

As someone who goes to the gym five times a week, I know when I need a boost, an after workout shake etc, I can count on Fresh Fuel. Fresh Fuel helps me by giving me smoothies so I didn’t just do an amazing workout for nothing. Fresh Fuel is going to help me on my fitness journey and I am so glad I found them!


I love you Fresh Fuel and I am a customer for life! Check out their Facebook! Also, search for their app and download it! Even if you aren’t in the area their app is packed with information about nutrition! Click the Facebook link and like them on Facebook!

Thanks everyone for reading about one of my FAVORITE companies! Check out their menu! Yumm…now I want some Fresh Fuel!

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