Review: Fun for the little ones!

My daughter loves loves music! Once we get into the car I have to put on her CD or she throws a fit. I am so glad I now have Cozyphones! Now, I can plug in her Cozyphones and let her listen to her music and dance away and I can listen to my music! Don’t get me wrong I easily get drawn into the baby tunes but Mommy wants her songs too. I like Cozyphones because for one my daughter loves them, they are comfy, and don’t fall off of her like regular headphones! Perfect for long rides since we live in the country! We have to drive at least thirty minutes to get to town and these aren’t tight or uncomfortable so Cozyphones helps entertain her when I need help! Cozyphones aren’t bulky either which is nice! I love the different options for kids with animals!

Another thing that I love is I can clean the headband!!! Come on, us moms know our kids can not keep anything clean! The speakers are easy to remove so when she shakes her grape juice I know the Cozyphones headband won’t be stained forever!

You know how all headphones have the hard cord? WELL, not Cozyphones! Cozyphones has a braided cord and I have been happy my daughter hasn’t kinked them or broke the cord! It is a pain when cords get kinked and then they don’t seem to work the same. The cord is long and starts in the back so it doesn’t hang in your face or annoy you..added plus! I love how durable the Cozyphones are for my daughter, who is only 1 1/2!

Your probably wondering about the sound…it’s amazing! My daughter is able to hear her baby music crystal clear!

I know sadly, we will not only be using these for headphones because they function in so many other ways! I even stole my daughters for the gym and for my sound soother at night. My husband likes to listen and watch tv at night when laying in bed which drives me crazy! Now I can listen to my sound soother, not the tv and I don’t annoy him! I know I can use these in the winter too!

These are perfect all around! I think these would be a great gift for any occasion or a stocking stuffer. The price is perfect. I am surprised they do not charge more. I have no cons about this product, I love them and my daughter is in love! From my daughters point of view, she yells at me if I try to take them off then grabs them and tries to put them back on herself! So adorable! It’s not always easy finding her gifts especially that involve music because they only make so much for her age! I am so glad she has these. Claire will dance in the living room and I just can not contain myself! She looks like a little panda baby! I love that she loves these so much and has so much fun!

They do have a Facebook –>Cozyphones<– go check it out or their website –>Cozyphones<— I promise your little one won’t be disappointed. I am also going to be dishing how my boys like them! So keep an eye out. I also have an eight year old and an almost five year old so you will get a perspective from three different age groups!

To order the same one as my daughter click here! Claire’s is adorable and sells out fast so you will want to order it sooner then later.

I received this product from COZYPHONES in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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