Our Memorial Weekend!

So ya’ll already read about our Friday! Well, the majority! We did order pizza and watch movies Friday as we needed to relax for a long weekend of plans! The sad part of my weekend was that my youngest is spending much wanted time with his grandma this weekend per their request! It is hard since it’s my weekend but it benefits him so it is worth it!

Saturday morning I had to go get a check up from my surgery Friday. Then I went couponing. We then played in the yard. My oldest and I played video games for a while. We went to our neighbors for a couple hours and had a blast. Our oldest rode a dirt bike, four wheeler and we had a massive water balloon fight! We had yummy food and had a great time with great people! We are still having problems with Claire breaking out in hives a lot. We know she will break out in hives when she is hot but she also will be eating and break out in hives. We have tried narrowing this down to foods and even cutting foods out but no luck yet.

Sunday we met up with family and went fishing, grilled out and played at the park near by. It was fun! Our oldest caught a fish and as soon as he got it out of the water it flipped off and went right back in! Our oldest made a friend with a squirrel too! He wouldn’t leave the squirrel alone!!!! The kids were both asleep before we got home for the afternoon. We all laid around and spent time together the rest of the time we had together!

Monday we went to Splashdown. We had a blast! Our oldest and I went down the big slide a couple of times together and we all did the lazy river which Claire loved! This weekend was a lot of fun and only would have been better if our youngest was with us! We finished off by going out to eat together and getting ice cream! This was an amazing weekend in the books!

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