Review: Fun for Bigger kids!

My oldest son fell in love with these as soon as he saw them! My oldest couldn’t wait to put these on! After a few hours of playing with them my son came out of the bedroom and said he loves these because “I can lay on my side and they are comfy unlike my other ones.” This kid is all about forts so his bed we make into a fort each time he is here! He loves that he can lay in his bed under his fort, be comfy and listen to his games! Later he said, “I put them on and went and laid down on my side on a pillow and I couldn’t even tell I had them on.” My son was able to easily adjust them to fit him exactly where he needed the headphones to be.

My son runs hot so even though these are fleece he didn’t run overly hot and Cozyphones didn’t make him sweat. One night he even fell asleep with them on and said, “I slept better, I didn’t hear anything.” We like these are so light weight as well. He likes that he can put them in his pocket and they fit, aren’t bulky and don’t break.

These truly are durable for kids! As a mom of three kids, I want their toys and etc to last for a long time not get broken in a few weeks time where I feel like I am just wasting money.

They do have a Facebook –>Cozyphones<– go check it out or their website –>Cozyphones<— I promise your big kid won’t be disappointed. I am also going to be dishing how my youngest son likes them! So keep an eye out. My youngest son is almost five! You will know how each one of my kids feel about Cozyphones! I know this will help moms who have children who are a variety of ages!

To order the same one as my son’s click here! Connor’s makes him smile. He says that they are “made just for me.” Connor’s also sells out quickly so follow the link and order today!

I received this product from COZYPHONES in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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