Summer looks good on us!

This past week has been a great week. We have played hard and made a lot of memories. We started off by going to Wisconsin to hang out with family. The boys had a blast. We went to a dairy breakfast, went exploring, made smores, roasted hot dogs and so much more! Driving was extremely long! We will not be driving like this again for awhile! I think we will continue flying or taking the train!

Monday my oldest, my sister in law and I went  to Knights Action Park and our oldest went down the toilet plunge for the first time! It was so fun! We played hard for almost five hours!

Tuesday my oldest and I went to the movies but he got scared so we left about five minutes from the movie ending! It was kind of funny because he had been begging me since Saturday to take him to see it and then he didn’t even want to finish watching the movie! We came home early and cooked dinner and played some games the rest of the night which was great!

Wednesday my oldest and I went to Knights again but with Claire bear! Claire had so much fun! It was so cute to see how good our oldest took care of her. Claire did not want to leave his side! Claire started breaking out in hives so we had to leave and the temperature spiked to over 100 degrees!

Throughout the week our oldest came to work with me. My husband has also been sick since Saturday but we found out Monday he had strep throat so he was in bed for three days. My husband felt so weak and drained and had no energy at all! We had a good time with lots of fun though. We had dance offs, overnighters and mid night talk sessions!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us!

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