Strawberry Queen

This weekend was for sure another one for the books! I had been hiding a secret from ya’ll for a while. We actually decided to do this back in May. It has been so hard to not to tell all of you. Now I can tell you. This weekend was Claire’s first pageant! You read a previous blog about getting donations for Disabled Veterans and we were able to donate 426 items! These donations were part of her pageant. We want Claire to be apart of Natural Pageants and not the ones with girls covered in makeup. Claire had a blast. Claire ended up winning 2016 Strawberry Queen, Best Smile and 2016 Miss Community! 13466511_1223085321057160_4580532047351157629_n.jpgWe haven’t received her Miss Community title or crown yet because one of the judges told us we could leave and forgot about the Miss Community. They are mailing it so once we get it I will post pictures so be sure to add me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (links are on my sidebar).

Claire had so much fun and loved her trophy, crown, medal and sash. We will definitely be doing another, In fact, I believe we are doing another in September! I think next time we will make a weekend trip out of it! Claire’s outfit was custom made and I will forever cherish it since it is her first pageant dress!

This weekend we also saw a pink elephant and had to get pictures! The boys and I went to get ice cream too! We built a small teepee with their Aunt and she slept over in their room. They loved having her over the night. They all played pie face too. Their Aunt got some pretty hilarious videos! We played hard and this is definitely another weekend in the books!

Anyone have any good ideas for projects and fun experiments to do with kids? Pinterest has been a summer favorite so far! I believe we have balloons and some darts in our future for next weekend!

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