Road Trips are so much better now!

I love that CozyPhones not only made an amazing products but you can tell as soon as you open the packaging CozyPhones were completely thinking of kids when they were designing these! You have seen my reviews from my daughter’s CozyPhones and my oldest’s CozyPhones but again these products are perfect! My youngest son is a hyper kiddo! When we workout together during the week he will bop, hop and jump around and his CozyPhones stay in place. Pretty shocking right? I love that I don’t have to worry about him tripping over the cord since the cord is in the back.

My son loves Paw Patrol as you can see. My youngest and oldest son’s share a room right now and obviously my oldest son is not a fan of Paw Patrol. I found it so neat that I was able to plug the cord into his TV so that he could enjoy his Paw Patrol and his big brother could watch his shows and not have to have the volume so high that we would hear battling of shows through the wall! We also no longer have to listen to the boys telling another to turn their volume up or down! Since having CozyPhones our house has been surprisingly more quit! Trying not to jinx us! The husband and I can sit in the living room while our oldest plays his games with his CozyPhones and our youngest watching his favorite shows with his, which equals complete quiet for us! SCORE! I honestly don’t see how this product could be anymore perfect. 20160624_210433.jpg

So your wondering so Why does it say road trips are so much better now? It’s because of CozyPhones! We have taken many trips this summer which entailed driving an hour or more. It is so nice to have a quiet drive when the kids each have their own CozyPhones and can plug them into any of their devices and all we hear is complete silence until we reach our destination! I actually had to ask the boys if they were working several times because we couldn’t hear anything! Mom’s our prayers have finally been answered! No more bulky headphones that we can actually hear the volume out of and have to tell the kids to turn it down.

Hunter’s CozyPhones sell out quickly so click here to order a pair just like his! They even have a purple frog for girls so your kids can match! Adorable! Follow them on Facebook too so you can be up to date on new designs or to ask any questions and see even more reviews!

Follow me on Facebook and then Share this from my post and you will be entered to WIN and FREE pair of CozyPhones!

I received this product from COZYPHONES in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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