Oh the Places we will go!

We crossed another item off of our Bucket List this summer by going to Fugitive Beach! The drive from Illinois wasn’t too bad but with three kiddos it did seem much longer then three hours! This was definitely fun! I feel like this was a one time kind of deal…at least with kids! I think this would be fun with a group of adults as the beach is geared more towards adults. There was a small child’s area, diving boards off of cliffs and a huge water slide!

Claire loved the beach and went down the baby slide to which seemed like over a hundred times! Hunter was more focused on getting as many sea shells as he possibly could! Connor was hooked on the big slide! We had a ton of fun and we were there for about five hours. They had a “grill” but honestly I wouldn’t call it that. All they really had was hot dogs, burnt cheeseburgers and a chicken wrap. If you plan on going I would suggest bringing a cooler. We brought a cooler filled with snacks! It was so much fun to watch the big boys go down the huge slide together! Connor and I did the slide together over five times! We were going to jump off on of the high dives/cliffs but we were both a little too scared!

We spent a majority of the time in the water and splashing around! When we finally left we ate at Waffle House and Connor said this is his new favorite restaurant especially for waffles! Overall we had an amazing time and a good day for the books for sure! If anyone is looking into going I wouldn’t suggest this for a family. There are just too many people and it’s almost like your standing elbow to elbow the majority of the time. There is also a bar there which I found out later. I would like to with some friends. It is also a bit pricey.

By the time we got into the truck to head home and drove down the street all the kiddos were out! They were so worn out and played really hard! Claire usually breaks out in hives when she is outside too long but we were lucky today!

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