It’s Over

Ahh I am so relieved that this is over. The past few months have been so so stressful. My last project took over ten hours. I can not wait to see my final grades! I took 11 credit hours this summer and classes are only 8 weeks long. I am so glad to be done and ready for a mini break before fall semester!

This week we got to hang out with some family and it was much needed! We also got to see some family that was in town from Florida which was even better! With three kiddos you can’t always go out and do things with your friends or family. This just makes those times even more enjoyable! I seriously just want to say I married into the best family! These people are always there for me and I have no idea where I would be. They have shown me the true meaning of family! I am so glad my children are apart of this!

This next week is going to be filled with so many memories! We are about to cross so many things off of our bucket list! We can not wait!  We are a family with many adventures ahead and can not wait to put memories in our albums!

I am having minor surgery on Friday so please keep me in your prayers! Surgery is never fun!

What is on your bucket list this summer? I would love to hear ideas! We also have a lot of craft projects we are going to be doing and they are HUGE! I can’t wait to show you so you can do them with your kiddos too!

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