The Beginning..

So ya’ll know my family and I decided to take a trip to Florida this summer and we have! We are back home now but we wanted to share our experience with you! I hope in some way to give other families out there ideas if you are planning on coming to Florida!

Day One! Our first day was our flight and getting settled into the resort. We own timeshare so we have a lot of perks! We goofed off at the airport for awhile and Connor used a selfie stick for the first time and it was pretty hilarious! This was also Claire and Hunter’s first plane/flight! Our flight was a later flight due to scheduling conflict! The flight was overall ok considering we have three children. The boys had a blast and there were many times we had to tell them to be quite! Our flight was only two hours long so not to bad and far better then driving! We rented a car through Alamo and I was very impressed. Alamo had carseats available to rent and although we only had an economy car reserved they upgraded us free to a mid size SUV. Although bigger than an economy car it was still pretty tight. I am just overly happy with the customer service we received. Every staff member was so courteous!

Upon arriving to put resort I must say this is by far the nicest resort we have ever stayed in! We were all pretty impressed! From the entry to the little touches we were just all in pure amazement! We had a waterpark on the property, an arcade, our own pool, free breakfast prepared by a chef each day, a spa and so so much more! Connor couldn’t stop smiling!

Our condo was right next to the waterpark which was just perfect for the kids! The first night claire and the boys jumped on the beds, we unpacked and dad went to get dinner. The kids and I made some calls while waiting for dad! Pretty mello night. The boys had their own room with each having their own queen bed. Claire also had her own room but not being in her environment made it longer for her to fall asleep.

We ate dinner pretty late then all went to bed! Although a chill and mello night it was still one for the books for sure! Seeing their faces is priceless and I knew in that moment this trip was worth anything and everything.

Be sure to follow my blog to see what else we did! We crossed soo many items off our bucket list!


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