If you can dream it, you can do it.

Day two! Boy this day was sure an adventure! After we woke up we goofed off a bit then we headed to our free breakfast cooked by our chef! There was so much food!

We came back to our condo and got ready for Disney! Once we parked we took a trolley to the main entrance, then we had to take a ferry to get into the park. We started off with Magical Kingdom but we went to all of the Disney parks. We spent 10 hours at the park! There was so much to do and so many stores. I don’t even want to talk about how much we spent! It was insane. However, I think this is a once in a life experience. This was Connor, Claire, Hunter and my first time to Disney! Hunter also rode his first roller coaster! Definitely a magical day!

We ate lunch in one of the Disney parks and it was amazing. We ate at an all you can eat, country style restaurant! It was pretty much a five course meal! We were so full but it was so good!

There was so so much to buy! Some of the main things we bought were gifts for family back home, Claire got a Disney umbrella with her name on it, the boys bought Mickey hats and a thousand other toys!

We went back to our condo and wrestled. We were all in bed before too long! We were all tuckered out! I feel like we walked more then we have in a year! The day was worth it! Another amazing day in the books!!

It was hard traveling with two younger kids so i will wait to travel again with them once they get older.

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