A walk on the wild side!

Day three! I think this was my favorite day only because I am such an animal lover and little walking was required! Hunter and I were the first awake so we cuddled and watched some cartoons before waking everyone else up!

We finally starting waking everyone up to start our exciting day! We all went to breakfast at the clubhouse again which was prepared by a chef. It was the best breakfast ever! I wish breakfast could be like that every morning! After all our bellies were full we headed out of the resort!

We had an exciting day planned! We went to a small town to play and swim with baby tigers! How cool is that?! Another item checked off all of our bucket lists! I don’t remember how we found this place but I am sure glad we did! It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! You get thirty minutes on land with a baby tiger and thirty minutes for each person in the water with the baby tiger! How many people can say they did this!


We got so many photos but I will not bombard you with the 300! I thought it was great they had a photographer there to capture the moment! The baby tiger was like a puppy, so friendly and loved to lick! The kids couldn’t get enough! They told us he will end up weighing over a thousand pounds! WHATTT?? We learned quite a bit then we hit the pool!

The boys didn’t want to get out of the pool! What was even crazy to see was that before the boys were out of the pool the tiger was completely dry! Not a drop of water on him! We walked around for a bit and saw so many animals then hoped back on the bus to get some food! I took the kids to a real authentic, hole in the wall, bbq place. The boys were in love and wanted more. They ate so much food! I had to take their food away because they couldn’t get enough and kept wanting more. So later that night the boys got a little sick from eating too much! They learned their lesson.

We finished off the day by shopping at local gift shops, visited the Harley Store and then finally went to our resort water park! It was a busy day full of laughs, smiles and hugs!

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