The memories made here will last for a Lifetime!

Day four! This was truly an even more amazing day if you believe that or not! We all slept in and boy was that amazing!

We all got ready after we ate for the beach! We had to make a pit stop though before the beach! We stopped at a families house to visit! The kids were so excited by her birds and puppy! We hung out with the kids Aunt and Uncles for a couple hours then it was off to the Beach! The kids Aunt gave us a ton of things to take to the beach which made the kids even more excited!

Once we got to the beach the boys couldn’t get their fast enough! This was the first time for all three kids to be at a beach and a real beach not something like Clinton Beach which is just a lake. This was the first time they stepped foot into the ocean. Their faces and these moments were priceless.

The boys did all kinds of things in the ocean! Connor was surfing, Hunter was building castles, Claire couldn’t stay out of the ocean! They all started building castles together, all swimming together AHH it was heaven on earth…our own little slice of heaven! Hunter was so exhausted that he was falling asleep on the beach in his chair! They played so hard, laughed till their bellies hurt, and had so much sand on them! I swear it took us over thirty minutes in the little showers to even get half the sand off!

And wouldn’t you know it as soon we we left and hit one mile distance from the beach….all the kids were OUT! We went back to our resort and ordered in dinner! We ordered Giordano’s Chicago Pizza, two of them, hot wings, appetizers and cheesy bread! Hunter was so exhausted I couldn’t even wake him up to eat dinner so mommy carried him to bed!


Well not as good as Imo’s Pizza!

This night was perfect. I tucked all the kids into bed, kissed them and watched them fall asleep! It was a bitter sweet moment since we were leaving the next day! I wasn’t ready to leave but at the same time I was so ready to be home!

Another amazing day in the books with more items checked off our bucket list, more first’s and family memories at the beach that will last a lifetime!

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