Every Summer has a Story

Day 5. Our last day of vacation was bitter sweet. We were happy to leave to go home to our Jaci but sad at the same time because no one really wanted to leave. Connor asked us if we could live in Florida! Although we loved Florida we will never live there! We already have our sights set on another state!

So for the rest of our trip we goofed off! First, we went to the clubhouse to eat breakfast again made by the chef. This day he even went and made us all omelets! So yummy! These were the best and biggest omelets I had ever seen!

Afterwards we headed to the Arcade on our property!


No one else was there so we had the whole arcade to ourselves! The boys had a blast. I think we spent almost fifty just in this arcade!


The boys didn’t want to leave! They were so competitive with some of the games it was hilarious! There was even one that shocked you but they made Dad do it!

Leaving and checking out of the resort made us a little sad as we were not ready to leave…at least completely! We will be back to Florida!


Afterwards we went shopping again! I swear this was the boys idea! I have never seen the boys want to shop and in fact shop so much! We spent a couple hours shopping then off to the airport we went! While waiting for our flight we ate lunch then goofed off. Hunter and Claire were playing “Ring Around the Rosy”.


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