Mini Adventures ❤

So I have been so busy lately I haven’t shared much! College has started back up so now I will be even busier! I hate this but I know what the future hold is bright!

Lately the kids and I have been doing many mini adventures! Hunter has been spending lots of time with Daddy because he missed him a ton when we were in Florida! Its bitter sweet because I am glad my son knows he can go to his dads whenever he wants to! I don’t understand mothers who think a father should only see their children every other weekend. I mean that’s only four days a month a father and his children can see another. I think that’s horrible and the child does suffer so I promised Hunter I would never do that to him. I understand in some cases this is necessary! However, if a child wants to see their father more they should, as well as, children grow up fast and other parents shouldn’t be selfish with time. Its not their time anyway its the child’s. In my support group, I see so many broken Father’s begging and wanting more time then every other weekend. It breaks my heart. I feel the same about Mother’s who only get every other weekend! I feel a child needs both parents. Sometimes the court system isn’t fair. RANT OVER.

These mini adventures have been such things like going to the park! We puled Claire in her wagon and Connor rode his scooter to the park. We played hard for about an hour!

We then went home and grilled a fantastic dinner…BBQ! YUMM! The kids were out by 8pm! Its really these little moments we live for! Before long they wont want to go to the park…at least…not with you! Only with their friends! Us parents wont be cool…one day…I know shocking right!

Another day we had a mini adventure and went to Springfield for some shopping and ice cream! We then decided we would just do something with Connor!


So Claire stayed home with a friend and we headed off to Skateland! I haven’t skated in years and by this I mean at least ten if not MORE! It was fun once I got going! Luckily, no one fell!

Afterwards, we headed to Scheels to start Connor’s never ending Christmas wish list! We had a lot of fun. We spent close to an hour if not more goofing off!

We had so much fun! It’s crazy to think we would have so much fun at a store! Connor added probably a hundred items to his Christmas list! Although, we are not getting them all!

Our final mini adventure was hanging out at a friends and swimming! I am so sad summer is over! We still have a ton of mini adventures planned for the rest of the year!Snapchat-2132485888765514760

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