Patriotic Pageant

Claire did it! Claire was in another pageant and won two crowns and four trophies, an embroidered sash and one medal! We are so proud of our little girl!

Claire is apart of Natural Pageants which means she is not allowed to wear makeup, or more then a few rhinestones. I love that she is able to be apart of these kind of pageants! Claire’s pageants are also Charity Pageants which means we raise money and collect donations for different organizations! This time Claire donated 235 items!

Claire has made so many friends through this journey and she loves to dress up!

Claire won Prettiest Eyes, Miss Personality, Miss Charity, Miss Popularity and Prettiest Eyes (yes twice)!

Mommy and Claire went shopping after and got her very first cowboy boots! It was a long drive home so we stopped and had lunch and picked up dinner! It was a Sunday for the books! I am so proud of my little girl!

This is a close up of one of her crowns and her face when she saw her boots and held them!

We are one blessed family!

Have you done any pageants with your kids? If so what kind?

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