Permanent Makeup

Ok ya’ll you spoke and I listened! I made an appointment as a model for microblading and boy am I glad that I did. After all your comments I went with one place ya’ll suggest which was Permanent Makeup by Erin!

The Boutique was fabulous from the moment I walked in. So professional, amazing staff and I had a lot of good laughs!

I loved loved loved the purple scheme and the hints of Marilyn Monroe.

They offered drinks and snacks which I thought was an added plus. The environment made me feel very at ease and surprisingly not nervous at all!

Once I was called to the room where my appointment would take place I met all the students. Everyone was so friendly and rest any nerves that I thought I had. I met Kimberly who was so sweet, very thorough and very educated! Kimberly explained everything she was doing before and even while doing it. The students watched as Kimberly did the procedure and they were very nice and fun to talk to while everything was going on! Let me tell you lots of laughs! I tried A LOT not to laugh! I couldn’t help myself a majority of the time. If I had the patience I would take a class just from that days experience!

It was truly amazing to go back and look! Kimberly posses a lot of talent! I am so blessed I was able to meet her and the other girls! They were so much fun and even recorded my reaction when I saw my brows the first time!

(left) was before they had started the procedure and only did the outline! (right) is after but not completely finished!

Excuse my chapstick haha! I have a pocket inside my jacket and apparently it fell out while I was laying down! NONE of you girls told me?! What’s up with that! (just kidding)

The overall experience was amazing and I will be back for an eyeliner session I believe! A couple of my friends/family have seen my before and after and are coming with me to my next session to get the same procedure!

If you are thinking about having this done PLEASE do your research, do not just go anywhere! I drove quite a distance to have this done and there is someone 20 minutes from me. Closer is not always better! This is your face and this can not be removed….at least not easily!

I am so glad I will not have to color these babies in anymore! Excuse my eyeliner…I look like a hot mess! I blame the kiddos!img_4982

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