Microblading Update!

Refresher, so ya’ll you remember I went to Permanent Makeup by Erin and had my brows done by Kimberly!

So I wanted to share my 9 day progress! I will share my 4 week, second session and I might do a third follow up session! A third session may not be needed depending on how well my brows heal and look after the second session!


Peeling is normal! Although, I was hoping if I had followed the after care to a “T” then I wouldn’t have very much! However, I am ok with it! This was a learning experience and I am still so glad I did it! You can see the Vaseline on my brows. You have to be very careful when applying this, DO NOT wipe/smear, DO NOT rub, gently dab it on. You also need to make sure your hands are freshly washed before putting any Vaseline on. You do not want to use an open Vaseline container or apply with dirty hands as this may cause an infection!

You can see here how some came off and this was from lightly dabbing. You MUST be very careful!

I am scheduled to go back in December for my touch up which is highly recommended and I can see why!

I am super excited about my next appointment since it will be a first for a friend of mine!

What have you done?

I am all about experiences so am up for anything at least ONCE!

What do you think I should try?

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