Lost my Name.

I love being able to review products for items focused and geared towards us moms and our little ones! It seems as though there is always something new coming out each day. It’s hard to know which is a good product to spend our money on. No one wants to “waste” their money on something that our kids won’t even enjoy!

When I heard about this company I was excited! My daughter loves books! I was impressed by the website for starters. I loved how you can design your child’s book! You can type your child’s name in, choose the adventurer and pick which type of book you would like!

These are the Adventurers you can choose from
You can see how easy it is to design and the options!

Claire absolutely loved her book! Claire even took it to bed with her and refused to let me put it on her shelf.

Since the Holidays are around the corner I think this is a PERFECT gift! Especially if you follow the “Four Gift Rule.” TheΒ “Four Gift Rule.” is when you get something they want, need, can read and something that they can wear!

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