This day is a Journey!

Ahh the time finally came! Ya’ll remember that I won a free cruise through my amazing company “IT WORKS” and a few of my best friends and I decided to road trip it to Miami! This was such a long drive and we drove straight through!

Meaghan just chillin!

I went with two of my best Friends Sam and Meaghan! Next trip we are flying for sure! We stopped a lot. What should have been a 17 hour drive took us about 20 because we stopped a lot! We had a lot of laughs and some scary moments! At one point it was raining pretty hard and we hydroplaned a tad bit but all was ok!

We were heading down for the Cruise! We came down earlier just so we would have a day in Miami!  Check out the link below of the prank we pulled on our friend on the way down to Miami!

Roadtrip Prank! Check this out!

This is the room we had at the resort!

When we finally go there we all got dressed and had a mini photo session! The view was breathtaking. We were so excited to be there!

On our way to check out what was going on we talked to a man who was interested in what we do and the wraps so we actually wrapped him in the lobby!

We went down to the pool and they were doing a Karaoke night so Meaghan talked us into all singing a song! It was pretty hilarious and she made it a Facebook live video!

Check out the Karaoke Video!

This was just the first night!

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