Friends and Freedom!

This was Day 2 that we were in Miami and the night before we left for our free cruise!

We decided to hit up  the beach the entire day by the pier! It was so nice laying out and enjoying the ocean! We met up with some other wrap sisters which was great! We talked business but also had fun.

We were on the beach for a couple hours. We even tried to get some cute pictures we found on pinterest! Which was kind of a fail haha!

After the beach we went back to the Resort and we all went to the pool! It was Karaoke night again but we all just hung out and listened to everyone else. We ordered some hot wings, fries and drinks!


After we ate we all went back to our room and just hung out and talked for what seemed like until morning! It was very relaxing and we definitely made new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Remember our friend from Thursday who wanted to wrap? Well we checked in on him and he lost 2 inches! We also talked to a few more employees from the resort about our amazing business!

We had such a blast and it was a great night right before taking off for our cruise!

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