Letting my dreams set sail!

Day 3!

This is the day we boarded the ship!

The morning we all woke up so excited. We packed our bags and headed to the port! Once we got there I think thats when I was hit with so mnay emotions. I couldn’t believe my business landed me here. I couldn’t believe this was real life and the countdown was finally over! The ship was huge! I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I felt like I was going into the unknown and didn’t know what to expect! Of course this was a good feeling but with having anxiety it is also nerve wrecking!


As soon as we got on the ship we went to our rooms and checked them out. This is when I met my room mate which soon became an amazing friend of mine! I can not wait to see her again in February! This girl is so amazing and inspiring. I met two other girls that were roomed right next door to us and also became more like family. I wished we all lived closer.

*If ya’ll are reading this I love ya and miss ya dearly*

After we got to our rooms we all met up and headed to the buffet! The buffet was huge! There was so much to choose from! We ate our dinner next to a window looking over our port. It was so breathtaking.

After we ate three of us went to the Bon Voyage party on top of the cruise ship! The cruise ship was giving out a ton of free drinks and little appetizers. It was amazing seeing the cruise ship leave the port! I also went to the cocktail party for a bit and met up with some other girls. I got to meet some pretty amazing people and some top income earners with the company. Its funny that I think of them sort of like “celebrities” but when I post a photo with them no one knows who they are unless another it works team mate is on my Facebook.

After the parties were over we went to Taste for our dinner reservations. It was so good. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. The ship was rocking pretty hard so some of us felt drunk even though we weren’t. We didn’t feel naucious it was the complete opposite from what I thought. My head just hurt so the best way to explain it was more of a hung over feeling.

We were all exhausted so we went to bed haha. Sounds lame it was only about nine o’clock but from the roadtrip to all the excitement and not being able to sleep much the night before we all crashed and decided we’d get up early and explore the ship!

Day one on the Cruise!

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