A day on the Ocean!

Day 4!

This day we were sailing the entire day so we took full advantage of this!

We started off our morning by going to the buffet to get our yummy breakfast! The buffet was so huge! My favorite part was the omlet section where a chef makes your omlet from scratch!


Then we went to church! This was amazing and the pastor really had a great message that hit home for me. It was like God knew it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.


After this we went to the top of the ship to bask in the sun! We were only there for a bit before we went to the opposite side of the ship and went down the slides. These slides were amazing! There was one were two people could go in and there were tons of lights and part of it was clear so you could overlook the ocean and the ship! The other slides you would stand in and the bottom would remove so you go straight down! I was too chicken to go on this one but my friends did. One liked it the other said water was in her face and it made it hard to breathe.


After this we went back to our spot on the top of the ship and three of us went to a couple seminars where we got a ton of free gifts and coupons to use when we got to the port to receive more free stuff!


We then went to the hot tub for a bit then went to lunch at the buffet! I never had anything at the buffet that wasn’t good. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious. There was so much to choose from! I hit up the store for a bit of shopping at the it works store. I got a few items to add to my collection. Super cute!

One of the girls and I then went to the Casino. She won less then a dollar! It was also pretty big. I didn’t play. We took a “live” picture too from this machine and we got a penny made for our kids with the Cruise ship on it.


Afterwards we went back to our room where there was chocolate covered strawberries for my room mate but she shared…so yummy! Our room was also cleaned and they made a cute little elephant out of towels.

My roomate and I went to the spa! It was incredible. There was a snow room where snow fell from the ceiling and snow on the ground. The spa was at the front of the ship so the views were breathtaking. The pictures don’t do justice. There was so much to offer in the spa. It was nice to hang out in their for a bit.

We ate dinner at the Manhattan Room, we all dressed up for this night. There was a live band and it was super fancy! The food was amazing! Dessert was my favorite!

We all went back to our rooms and changed to head out to Karoake night! That was a blast! So many people singing were so good I felt like I was sitting in an audition for American Idol. It was so much fun!


I really didn’t want to leave but I wanted to get enough sleep since we were porting in the Bahamas the next day!

Check out my day two video! There are tons of funny videos from the karaoke night!

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