Welcome Welcome Welcome

Ahh exciting news!

I was very hesitant but now I am very excited.

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged I thought with the Holidays spending some time with family was best and that way my readers could focus on their families as well.

Enough small talk! It is with much excitement (and squelling in my voice) that I finally tell yall we have welcomes two furbabies into our family!

First off we adopted Rizzo! Rizzo is an English Bulldog. The kids are madly in love. Bulldogs are very loyal and I thought this would be a perfect fit and just what the kiddos needed. I mean come on who doesn’t need some puppy lovins!

Also in the BIG news we have also adopted a Shiba Inu, her name is Piper. This was extremly hard for myself as I wasn’t sure I was ready because of Jaci. However, Piper looks very similar to Jaci and I think she came into my life just when god knew I would need her. Piper is so different from Jaci. Piper is very independent but I am determined to change that! Piper’s breed is known for not liking other dogs or small children unless you start adapting them young. Piper has put those statistics to bed because she loves the kiddos, craves their attention and absolutely adores her brother Rizzo.

The kids and I are very excited about this new chapter in our lives! We have two amazing furbabies!


Thank you for sharing in the excitement with us!

Dont worry my blogs are going back to their regular wekkly schedule now that the Holidays are over! There is so much to share with ya’ll and I can not wait!!

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