A day in Paradise!

Day 5! Bahamas baby!

Most Beautiful photo captured!


Ahh this day was so ahhhmazing! I still am in shock I earned a free cruise and landed here! I have one of the greatest bosses (aka ME)!

We all ate breakfast and then started getting off of the ship! We went to some seminars before this day so we had a on of coupons for free gifts. So once we got off we took a ton of photos and then went straight to get our free gifts! I mean who doesnt want free gifts to take home?!

After this then we went to Tiki Bikini Hut.


This place was so amazing and now I am hooked on to Bahamian music. All I wanted to do was dance all day on the beach. The vibe was amazing. Words just can not express it! We paid about $40 a person and got a meal, chairs, unlimited drinks and shots. It was fun because they would bring us drinks in coconuts! We relaxed on the beach and had a blast. I wasn’t ready to leave.

We met a lot of incredible people while on the beach and even met people who wanted to join this amazing business. We met a ton of wrap guys and gals on the beach that were also on the cruise ship! The bahamas were gorgeous. I am so glad my first cruise experience was with these girls! The trip couldn’t have been any better!

When it was time to go back we were a tad sad. We went back to the ship and went to our last dinner. We also had a Glow party which was epic!

The party just sucked you in! It was so much fun! There were dancers and a DJ. So many glow sticks were being passed out. I saved some for the kids!

I can not wait for another free cruise next year, see where we end up and the adventures that lay ahead!

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