New Traditions!

So this  Christmas I decided I wanted to do more fun with the kids and start a new yearly tradition!

So I took to pinterest!

This year I found a cool app that allows Santa to call the kids! Its called Video Santa and you can check it out here!

First, Claire was the first up so she got to talk to Santa first! Ahh she was so adorable and so so excited!


I was very surprised that she wasn’t afraid and actually talked to him!

Then I was too excited and went to wake up connor man! Which probably wasn’t the smartest idea! Connor was shy and a bit nervous to talk to santa! So he talked to him through his comforter! Too funny and a memory I will cherish forever!


Then it was Hunters turn! Ahh melted my little heart! Nothing beats seeing your kids eyes light up and believe in magic! All three truly did this day! Hunter had Santa call numerous times! Hunter was so so excited!



Hunter even showed Santa that he knew how to buckle his seat belt. Truly a magical moment! Hunter was at his daddies so once I picked him up Santa called!

Once we got home Hunter told Connor all about his chat with Santa so Connor prayed for Santa to call him back and what do you know? He did!


I just love how these kids bring out the best in another! They love another so so much! No day is perfect but its pretty close!

I have also started a tradition with catching Santa! AHH so exciting!


Connor swears he is going to stay up late this coming Holiday to catch him just when he drops through the fireplace!

I am so excited for these new traditions! You can find the Catch Santa app here!

What do your and your kiddos do?

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