Couponing Spree

ahh I love after Christmas sales! All of these were gift sets that Walmart got in just for the holidays and retail for $12.00 but I got them for .98 a piece!20170103_193426

I have already started Christmas shopping for next year! We have so so much already!


The totes I got on the Walmart app which were listed for $3.50 for a set of 8!!

The roaster I got on sale for $5.00

The Angel Soft I got on sale for $5.00

The Bah Hum Mugs I got for .22

The candles I got for .75 and the brush for .25!

This is why I only shop clearance! I never ever pay full price for anything!

I go to Walmart almost every single day and have made so many friends at Walmart! If you want to save money you have to put the time in to it.

Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat I always post deals I find!!!

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