Free Phone Service!

So I got wind of this free phone service and I thought it was too good to be true. Before sharing it with ya’ll I wanted to try it out myself!

So I had to order the sim cars but they are always running deals on them! You will spend less then $20 on sim cards.  They also have different options such as bringing your own device, purchase devices and transferring your phone number.

I did bring my own device and I had one sent. I have had this service for about 2 weeks. I have to say there are many tweeks that need worked out and that I have been trying to fix. Since I brought my device I had to change a ton of settings to my phone would go off Freedom Pops network. The phone I was sent all I had to o was activate it.

I have had many issues with calls and still trying to get it fixed but for a free service this is one step closer to getting me out of debt. I will take the set backs since they are quick to fix them. You can call or either get help online.

This is not a paid review. I just wanted to share with anyone who is on the path to getting out of debt like myself!


Here is the pricing list but like I said they do have a free option which is what I am using! They also have free internet but I have not ordered their router yet.

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