Always a Lesson

So last year my new years resolution was to eliminate debt and I must say I have come so far. In effort to continue my journey I evaluated my needs vs wants.

So I took a big leap and said goodbye to cable! One less monthly bill that I will have! Sure having cable or satellite is nice but its a luxury and honestly a very over priced one!

So I went ahead and invested in Amazon fire boxes and they were unlocked so I have so much I can do such as live streaming, watching movies, live games, and so much more.

So the boxes are thin and small.


This is 100% better then a huge cable box. I have had them about a month. I do miss cable because I like seeing the lists but this is very similar its just different. I feel like its just a huge change and takes some getting used to.


These are some channels you can get with the firebox. I chose the box over the stick due to the reviews. I have read that the sticks do not last as long as the boxes do. Also there is more to do with the boxes then the sticks. There wasn’t much of a price difference and the best part no monthly bills! Except for Netflix and Hulu if you decide to get those.

I am very excited. I am determined to keep paying more then minimums and eliminating needs or luxuries. Always a lesson to learn! I just wish I learned this sooner!!

What all have you done to remove debt or cut back on how much is going out each month? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Always a Lesson

  1. Streaming boxes are absolutely the way to go! We combine our Apple TV and Netflix with a regular old antenna for local news, and we don’t feel like we miss a thing. $10/month, and we’re set!


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