Magical Adventures

I have been so busy ya’ll. Life just gets in the way!

I have been living out my lifes too short moto and doing a lot with my kiddo’s!

Recently, I took Hunter & Claire to the Magic house for the first time. Claire has been one other time and I will post a blog about her first time! I took Hunter, Claire their Aunt Payton.

First we went to the bubble which was so much fun! I can not tell you how many times I tried to get the bubbly completely over us but we just couldn’t do it.

Hunter and Claire got such a kick out of this! I’m not going to lie I did too! Who doesn’t want to say they have been in a bubble?!

Next we went to this water play room. This was also super fun but I was really worried because the floor had water everywhere! There weren’t any rugs or anything so I was in panic mode hoping my kids woldn’t slip and hurt themselves.

I had to beg my kids to leave this room! It was super crowded though and they only have so many of these cute little red aprons that you see!


We played with this cool wall! I am not sure what you would call it but Hunter has been begging me to get one in his room! I swear they played with this for over thirty minutes!

There are three stories to this massive place! So we went to the second and third floor! The second floor had this black light room where a light will flash and it captures your shadow but theres also a black light pen to write with! We went to another room that when you walk in front of it shows your body outline and does all these crazy colors! It was so fun! Then we went to the third floor to slide down the giant slide and touched the static ball! Hunter rode down the slide about twenty times!

Finally we went back down to the first floor and played with the Leaf climb up! Hunter got stuck in this thing so it kind of scared him! There are just dead ends and certain ways the kids have to climb in it so when he reached a dead end he panicked and I had to help him find his way out.

This was the music side right next to the leaf climber! Claire loves music so we stayed here for what seemed like forever! Claire’s amazement was breathtaking and hard to pull her away!


Finally, we went to the the smaller kids play room and played dress up! Hunter now wants a star mirror! Their wish list kept growing!


As we were leaving we cam across a poet tree. We stopped and read poems written from kids of all ages and they were truly great poems to read. The kids enjoyed our last stop very mcuh!

If you have never been to the Magic House I highly suggets you check it out! We spent about five hours here! I am sure we could have spent more.

The Magic House is located in St. Louis, MO.

Check  out their page here!

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