Making a House my Home.

Ok ya’ll I have been slowly working on my house! Pinterest has been addicting as well as very dangerous!

So first I tackeled the front door!

I hated having such an open view into my house! I love that I have privacy now! I am going to be adding a entry table or maybe add a “mini” mudd room! Which one do ya’ll think I should do?

I think tackeled Claire’s room!


Claire’s room was bare so I added the wall decor (flowers & butterflies) and also a reading area. THe shelf my grandpa built for the kids but Claire has taken it over! She now has a huge teepee that I have no idea where to put. She has too much stuff!

Finally, so far I have tackeled the other big windows I have in the kitchen area!

I love the extra privacy and the grocery sign! I found that in a catalog and absolutley love it!

I am tackeling kitchen decor nest and finishing the boys room! Does anyone have any pinterest ideas! I would love more suggestions!

Let me know what you think of what I have done so far!!

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