Baby Nursery DIY

So exciting news my very best friend (one of many) found out she is having a baby girl so I have been crafting up a storm!

We have been friends for 11 years so I wanted to help as much as possible. It’s funny we were both pregnant with our boys at the same time and they are only a few months apart. They are great friends and love hanging out. Both of our second pregnancies were girls so our girls will be a little over two years apart!

I started out making her a canopy. I found a DIY how to on Pinterest, one of my favorite websites! I went to Hobby Lobby, Dollar General and Walmart to get all my supplies!

I bought a silver hoop and ribbon and went around the entire hoop and hand sowed the ribbon on so it would appear white and have a better overall look. After this I hand to hand sow all the tulle onto the ribbon!

This process took about around two hours. I had to buy the tulle in yards/sections so I have four individual pieces I have to sow on. I also bunched up the tulle so it would have a more girly look. I didn’t want to sow straight as I thought that would make the canopy dull!


I sowed the flowers on and hot glued them on to make sure they wont ever fall off! Mommy concerns! Viola!

Next I started on the baby mobile/dreamcatcher! I hand made this piece as well. I found a DIY on youtube for this!

I bought another silver hoop and hand wraped the white cord onto the hoop tightly! I then bought wax string to make the actual dream catcher portion. I hand weaved the middle. This process took about two hours as well. I added some beads as well!


ThisΒ  was the complete look! I added feathers and beads to the dreamcatcher!

This is how Baby Williams will see the canopy and dreamcatcher! I am so in love with this! I surprised her so she had no idea I made any of this until I showed up! She loves it too…thank goodness!

This is another view of everything!

What do yall think?

What did you make for your babies nursery?

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