Magical Things

So I told ya’ll a while back that I had taken Claire to the magic house for the first time! So now I am finally sharing her experience with ya’ll.

So first we went to the aquatic room/fish room.

Claire had a blast and didn’t want to leave! It was so cute she kept yelling “Fishy, Fishy!” I feel like now I am going to have to get us a salt water tank….or maybe not!

We went all over we really didn’t go in any order. Claire loved this little magnet area we went and played in.

I had the hardest time pulling her out of this little cubby area with the Tea set!

Claire loved this light room and the gravity room as well! Of course she loved the water area as well. She had a bunch of fun! I think this is great for kids under ten years old but any older they would get bored quickly.

We went and played on the playground, the Library, the Grocery Store and the little Tree house! Between all these we spent about two hours and she wasn’t ready to leave yet! So we went to their Café and had lunch!

We got veggies for lunch and juice! They had a lot of options to choose from like sandwich and salads! They were pretty decently priced.

Finally we ended the day with climbing around!

We played on this alone for at least an hour then mommy was done!

Overall a great day and she had a blast! A day for the books for sure. Of course we got a picture with our hair standing! If you have never done this you must! One of the best things to do at the Magic House!

Thanks for sharing our day with us!

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