Snow Factory

I don’t remember how I found this place but I am so glad that I did!

When you first walk in the atmosphere is amazing. There are post it notes everywhere from others who have left them behind. Some are pretty funny!

Claire was pushing Hunter around in her stroller almost the entire time! We all filled out post it notes and hung them in different places. The kids doodled all over theirs!

Claire got cookie dough ice cream and Hunter got vanilla with m&m’s! I got oreo dreamland ice cream with a brownie and whip cream on top.

I have to say it was some amazing ice cream! They give you a lot but they are a bit pricey! I think over all it is worth it to go at least once! You can bring your furbabies too! They play loud music inside as well so may not be good for kids under a year old.

This is now one of our favorite places and we are so excited to continue coming!

I think our next adventure is going to be Twisted Ranch! Has anyone else heard of it?

What else should the kids a I check out in the St. Louis area?

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