Baptism is Faith in action!

I was baptized when I was younger in a Catholic Church. To be honest I don’t even remember, I only know because I was told.

I was baptized again March 19th, 2017 at age 26 and I will never forget that day. I was baptized at Element Church in Wentzville, MO. I did this by myself and surrounded by the members of my church.


I was baptized in a pool and was immersed in water. This pool honestly looked more like a hot tub and the water was pretty warm.

I was baptized in front of my entire church, in front of a lot of people. I knew some people but not many. I will never forget this day but more importantly I will never forget why I decided to be baptized again!

I was a Christian.

I did not choose this path to receive salvation.

I did not choose this path to impress people or God. In fact this really isn’t all that impressive.

I did not get baptized because I was pressured but anyone.

So why did I choose to be baptized again?


I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I wanted everyone to know. I wanted to be baptized for myself. I wanted that moment for myself.

It didn’t matter whether the people watching knew me or not. I wanted to make a public declaration about something I had kept private for years due to my previous relationships not being involved in a church, not believing and pressuring me to stay away. Sure, my close friends knew I was a Christian but I had been hiding. I wanted to completely stop hiding. I wanted to be me.

I was given all sorts of reasons why not to get baptized and I myself made excuses.

I was scared. I was nervous.

I felt like a hypocrite for not always acting like a Christian.

But at the end of the day not one of the above were good enough reasons to keep me from walking up the stairs and getting into the pool standing next to my pastor. Not one of those reasons was more powerful than the reality of knowing what Jesus was calling me to do.

Getting baptized was what Jesus wanted me to do.

I got baptized and I am glad I did. I cried while in the pool talking to my pastor and in front of hundreds of people. I was baptized with a family and I got to witness an amazing moment happening right in front of me.

I will always treasure that moment.


You can view here how Element Baptizes, which includes my Baptism!

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