Must see in Chicago!

As often as I go to Chicago I feel as though I am still discovering all of what Chicago has to offer. Many people travel but have no idea about all the hidden gems. So from my most recent experience I want to share some must sees while in the big city!

 Big Monster Toys


  • You can’t go inside. I was sad when I got there and realized this as I saw this on another blog that you could. The main feature is the big door and to just get a picture. You can see in a bit but not much. This place just makes toys so they do not let anyone in. I actually buzzed to try and get in and a man answered and told me. Bummer because I would have loved to go in.

Water Tour//Boat Tour


  • These are amazing you get to watch the Michigan water mix with Chicago’s (the first picture) and see the height difference which to me is interesting. The boat tours also take you out pretty far so you can see all of Chicago as well. The views are breathtaking and the pictures simply don’t do justice! I always choose “Chicago’s First Lady” for boat tours in Chicago only because there is a lot of history on the boat. You may remember it from “The Breakup.”

Bus Tour


  • I have only done this once but chose “Big Bus Chicago” but shortly after wished I would have picked “360 Chicago” for a few reasons. The first is that although both are hop on and hop off the “360 Chicago” you can be on until 10 pm where as the “Big Bus Chicago” you can only be on until 7:00 pm. Also “360 Chicago takes you to Wrigleyville and more places as well. For my first time however, I was happy as I got to see more of Chicago and a lot of new places added to my go to’s! The tour guides were also amazing that I had on each bus. You get to see a lot of architecture and learn a lot about Chicago!



  • Sadly, I only got pictures of the view and not of the actual tilt part. This is very neat because you go into this room and stand on this window and it tilts you in and out of the building about 3 to 4 times. I got as close as I could to the glass when it was tilting out so I could see as much as I could. You can get drinks while there and there is a gift shop. I have been to the SkyDeck as well and I think they both are about the same. Tilt is more about the thrill whereas SkyDeck is more about the view. You get the same amount of time at both.

Millennium Park



  • In Chicago there are 7,600 acres of parkland that is split up into 570 parks but each time I am in Chicago I always want to go to Millennium park. I think going during the day and at night are both must sees. The bean is always a well known talked about spot in Chicago but there are also two Crown Fountains that are amazing at daytime but light up at night. It is always packed unless you go on a weekday.

Headquarters Beercade


  • This was my first time here my last visit and I found it on Trip Advisor. This bar has tons of arcade games, some vintage, that are all FREE to play with. Yes FREE. I had a blast playing with the older ones as well as the pin ball machines. You definitely want to come here grab an ice cold beer and let the kid out in you.  There are always games open too so you are not waiting around which is nice. The atmosphere was great. They had a huge wall of cassette tapes that I thought was pretty neat.

Water Tower Place Mall



  • This mall is seven floors! I think it’s a must see even if you just window shop, which is what I did. Between the Lego Store, Chicago Sport’s Museum and Dr. Seuss museum I was amazed. That was enough for me to want to go and explore. The Chicago Sport’s museum isn’t free but you can still see plenty without even going through the museum and paying by just walking the halls surrounding the museum, which is inside Harry Caray’s.



  • I may be bias but this is a childhood favorite from when I would visit my biological father in Las Vegas and I was so happy when I saw they opened one in Chicago. I always get the same thing, The Capastrami! They have a lot of subs and huge salads too but I recommend everyone trying the Capastrami!

Taco Joint


  • Finally, my absolute favorite place to go at night is Taco Joint. The place is always packed and has hands down the best Margarita’s! I would suggest a pitcher however! I typically get the Mango Margarita. I have yet to actually eat here but the prices are great and food smells amazing.


I go to Chicago often and each time I go try to find a new hidden gem. I know I want to go to the Veterans Museum as well as Myopic Library. If you have any suggestions please share!

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