Co Parenting


To all of the parents out there who throw a fit when another person treats your child as their own: why isn’t that exactly what you want?

I have prayed and prayed for someone to come into my children’s lives and hoped they would be accepting and not treat my children any different, knowing my children will grow up in two homes. No one dreams of this when dreaming of a family.

Leanne has been a gift from god. She is so great to my son. My son absolutely loves her and talks about her nonstop some days and it truly makes me happy. My son will even get sad when he calls his dad and she isn’t there to talk to as well. Leanne is so much more than I asked for. Leanne is motivated and such an inspiring role model for my son. Exactly what my son needs!

I never worry anymore. My heart and mind is at peace. I can’t thank you enough.

Not only Leanne but my ex as well has been amazing with her daughter and that makes me even happier, knowing the example they BOTH are leading for my son. My son loves Leanne’s daughter. My son has two amazing families and even better role models and as a mom that’s more than I could have ever asked for. God went above and beyond answering my prayers.

Thank you Leanne for being so amazing. We are ALL blessed to have you! I know Hunter loves having you as a mom/best friend/daddy’s friend!

Co-parenting isn’t always easy or perfect but you have to put your child first. Seeing my son happy and thriving lets me know this is what’s best! Hunter has two moms and now an even bigger family to love and support him!

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