DIY Leather Couch

I recently moved and sold my old couch. I really wanted a leather couch simply for the fact that I have children and it’s easy to clean.

However every couch I found I liked was way overpriced. My friend was moving to Florida and had a great one but I wasn’t fond of the color. For the price however I couldn’t beat it. So I decided to go ahead and buy it. I had always heard about painting leather couches but never actually did it myself.

I did a lot of research and found that I could use something called “FAT Paint” or a stain. The paint was more to change it to a color like grey, pink etc. I however wanted a stain as I wanted a dark leather couch.

So I went to the store and bought this stain! I have used this on many other pieces but mostly metals like chairs.


There really wasn’t many stains to choose from and this was also the darkest I found. I didn’t want to go to multiple stores so I just picked this up at the first Walmart I went to.

So this is what the couch looked like originally!


I really liked the color but it didn’t match my living room and my curtains are the almost exact same color.

This is what the couch looked like after the very first coat. (below)

First Coat


This is after the second coat. (below)

Second Coat

This is after the third coat (below)


Third Coat


I went through two cans of stain. The leather really soaked the stain up. I think if I would have dabbed instead of wiping then I would have possibly used less.

This is the final process about six coats total. (below)

It looks, to me, as though it is a brand new couch! The stain didn’t harden the leather and it covered minor scratches and any other dings in the leather which was an added plus! The couch feels just as it did before! I did not use anything to coat the stain, or protector.  It took about a week to fully dry but I left it in the garage and did not use any fans.

This is the final look! (below)


There are some minor areas I have to touch up as the couch barely fit through my door and had to really push it through but it looks great!

The total cost for this couch was $40 including the stain! Great up-cycle!

Highly recommend doing this before throwing out your old leather couch or up-cycle and sell it!

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