Hunter and I finally tried out a Trampoline Park!

We had a blast! This is definitely something we will be doing again!


Why is a Trampoline Park a go to place? For starters, the park is super fun for everyone! I had just as much fun as Hunter did! Also, this gives you a chance to spend quality time with your kids. Another great reason is that it is actually good for you! The Trampoline Park is a whole body workout and lots of cardio!

I think Hunter’s favorite were all the pits you could jump into! This park had four pits. There were basketball hoops and so much more for the kids, even a little arcade area! There was also a ledge you could jump off of which was approx. seven feet tall or you could swing off the ledge.

We paid $49.95 for Hunter and I but we also had a friend with us and had to buy socks. This also gave us three hours of jumping. I think this was perfect. The time went by fast and the kids got to take their time. It was a great environment!

You can check out the park we went to called Altitude!

Check out Hunter jumping off the ledge here.

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