How to Travel Free

Well basically!

So I am a timeshare owner and every time I check in they ask for me to sit through a presentation and offer to give me gift cards or show tickets.

Whenever I am on a trip there are so many people out asking from other timeshares for myself to come to their presentations and offer getaways!

While at Bass Pro recently I had this experience for the hundredth time. The deal was I pay $129 for 2 nights or $179 for 3 nights. I took the 3 nights and I got to choose a destination of about 50 or more locations. I choose Las Vegas, duh! Then they also said I would get a $125 visa gift card after the presentation and if I made the reservation in less than thirty days I would also get another $25 visa gift card. So I would really only be out $25. Before opting for the gift cards I was also advised I could opt for a cruise instead for up to five nights and pick out of five locations. I remember two of the locations which included Bahamas and Cosmo. I of course opted for the cruise! The cruise is also all inclusive except alcohol. Plus we also got a $50 Bass Pro gift card. I do have to sit through a presentation when I get to Las Vegas but to me worth it.

If you are thinking of airfare costs well here is my answer! I always fly through Allegiant. There are black out days but the prices are great! The airfare for Las Vegas was around $500 roundtrip for two people. Everywhere else I looked was doubled if not more in costs.

There are tons of ways with timeshare to get free hotel and even resort stays. It is really easy to get show tickets, food, American express gift cards and sometimes even more with timeshare!

If you don’t know what timeshare is here is a simple definition, “The arrangement whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property as a vacation home under a time-sharing scheme.” So in essence resorts and even hotels really want long term customers and a lifetime of commitment, they even have it where you can pass it onto your children. They profit immensely through this commitment that they are willing to give you these great gifts in hopes that you will purchase from them. Most people do and I have as well. The benefits are amazing but do your research before you say yes!

So how do I usually find these? Well, Bass Pro was luck! Mostly I find them when I am out and about and people approach me. If you live in bigger cities these are easier to find. Most of these people who are recruiting are on the streets in big cities. I have also found some online and some great websites that I use often. You can get a week stay for around $100 if not cheaper.

You have to be careful to be sure, online, it is not a scam. I never recommend my friends or family go online. You can check out Resort websites and submit a “request info” and get trips this way also.

Sometimes you will get emails like the one below just make sure to do your research to avoid any scams! This is one I got via email but I have yet to check it out.

Timeshare Ad.jpg

Timeshare recruits typically look for couples not singles. They also look for older people and require an annual income over $50,000.

I do not have contacts to share with yall but I promise it is easy. If you are near a Bass Pro go in and I am sure you will find one.

These presentations are pretty nice to go to you learn a lot and if this is something you would like to invest in for your family I suggest looking at multiple options and not settling for the first one. I bought my first two on Ebay believe it or not for under $1000.00 and I have almost 200,000 points in just those two and can travel to any Wyndham resort but have priority where the two I bought were originally purchased from. One is from Branson, MO the other a town in Florida so I have priority at these resorts and can book easier than people who did not buy from these resorts.

I am sure there are other great ways to get free travel and gifts but I do recommend this. I have always had good luck and a great time! Plus I am saving money and traveling for cheap so why not?

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