Tried it: Daith Piercing Review

This piercing has been circling the web for some time now. I also work in the medical field, previously worked in Neurology and heard about this piercing daily.

I received such a wide variety of feedback from ones who did get the Daith piercing. I decided I wanted it. If one piercing could help my migraines I thought I will give it a try but I also did not have my standards set to expect the piercing to remove my migraines like all the hype.  There was so many different reviews that it was hard to separate what was true from what wasn’t.

For those who do not know, the Daith piercing is located on the innermost fold of the cartilage toward the front of the ear. It is said that the Daith piercing helps with migraines because “innervated by the cutaneous afferent branches of the Vagus Nerve which travel centrally to an area close to the trigeminocvervical complex”. It is also said that the Daith piercing helps because the earring is located on a pressure point.

My Daith Piercing

I got my Daith piercing on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14th. The picture was from August 28th, 2017. I have sensitive skin and anytime I have gotten a piercing I develop keloids which I have always gotten to diminish. You can slightly see the keloid I developed on the top and bottom of piercing. My review may be a tad partial to myself as the healing process is different for everyone. With that being said my piercing is still in the healing process and I have yet to change my earring. The gentlemen who pierced me did tell me it can take anywhere from four months to a full year for the Daith piercing to heal, especially if you mess with the earring or sleep on it. I am going on four months now.


The photo on the left was from August 28, 2017 and the photo on the right was from September 25th, 2017. My keloid has grown but I have been sleeping a lot on that side as well as not cleaning it as often as I should. Every piercer will tell someone how they recommend cleaning but for myself what works best for my piercings has always been alcohol prep pads and neosporin.

As far as the piercing working for migraines, I have yet to have any luck with this. I still get my severe migraines and the piercing has had no affect, however, everyone is different.

I do not regret my piercing in anyway as I love piercings and tattoos but as far as telling a friend to get a Daith for migraines I would not recommend.

Let me know if you have this piercing and if it has helped you!

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